Graduate in arts, anthropology & design, I found myself creating structures and digital ideas. Throwing and collapsing music, writing and visuals, I try to find beauty in chaos and random shapes. Inspired by various artistic styles such as Brutalism, Minimalism, Surrealism or Abstract, I dig into experiences, readings, needs and dreams. A lot of trials and errors along the way to eventually have something to say, something to show, something to share.

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Latest news

ARTBOX PROJECT - Swiss Art Expo - Zürich 4.0

August 24th to 28th 2022 – Zürich Main Station – CH

Biennale Artbox Expo exhibition

May 2022 – Venezia 1.0 – Tana Art Fodamenta de la Tana 2109A, Venezia – IT

Artistic collaboration

The missing room – YouTube channel devoted to art videography where photography, video, painting and sound, creating a strange and parallel universe where what is missing is expressed and makes sense.

Expo Metro New York

December 13th to 20th 2021 – Collective art work – New York, USA

Wild Roof Journal's cover

January 2022 – Issue number 12

M.A.D.S gallery exhibition

22-31 october 2021 – ALDILÀ Exhibition – Milano – IT + Fuerteventura – E

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